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don’t fucking tell me that my talent is a “blessing” or a “gift.”  it wasn’t given to me at all.  i got to where i am today because i picked up a crayon in kindergarten and i haven’t put it down for 20 fucking years, not because some supernatural entity decided to sprinkle a little magic talent dust into my dna

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loss of words


Such light inviting eyes

while he smiled me a goodbye

we hugged each other one last time

As I said don’t leave my side tonight.

(+.+) Liz King

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a kiss.


A kiss on the nose

A kiss on the cheek

A kiss on the lips

as he fell asleep

I began to dream

watching the sun bring light onto our knees

I just laid there feeling safe

feeling safe within a place

I had never been, intoxicated and in complete silence.

(+.+) Liz King

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this aint love but darling stay with me.

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nothing special


There are no words

for a man like him

Everything I write

has become insignificant

But here I am writing another song

Reliving all the mistakes that made us wrong

Remembering all the words that you said made us one.

But if your heart was full of love,

why did you give it all up?

How come you let me fall?

oh right.

I was nothing special.

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Chasing after you is like a fairytale  but I feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousal.

-melani martinez

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